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this is cartography for beginners

a line from me to the world

her dress was a ship at sail
30 September
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(come lay your bones on the alabaster stones)
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being so joyful it's like sorrow, compassion for everyone, dancing always, eating lit theory for breakfast, elaborately carved wooden spoons, fingon the valiant, goddam requiems, growing more strident in my feminism, guilford college, horoscopes (because efficacy doesn't matter), noblesse oblige, old photographs (but especially polaroids), oral personal histories, overidentifying with fictional characters, poppet, pretty boys speaking french, ssssnakes, the hut at guilford, the odyssey (like nobody's business), the overlap of mythology and reality, the poetics of madness, the slash whore, the void, this bird suit, writing my life in moleskine notebooks